What exactly is this donor packet?

In the packet you’ll find everything you need to begin the process to become my living donor. Don’t worry, this is confidential. I have no way of knowing who downloaded this packet and furthermore, what is done with it after downloading. All documents can be printed out.

Simply fill out the required paper work and send it to Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center. They will contact you to start the process of getting tested to be my donor.

If there are ANY questions what to do with the packet, you can call 1.800.633.9906, option 4, to reach the Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center.

1.800.633.9906, Option 4

The packet includes the following: (required paperwork is marked with *)

  • Campus Map of Barnes-Jewish
  • Confidential Donor Form*
  • Donor Consent form*
  • Living donor brochure
  • Pre-Transplant donor booklet
  • Printable Return envelope*
  • ROI (release of information form)*
  • UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) resource letter

Downloading this packet in no way obligates you to to do anything. However, the more people we can get evaluated the faster I can get well!