Write for Cal

The premise is simple: Cal has quit his job as a kidney. Every episode is Cal trying to do a new and different job to varying degrees of success or failure.
Cal is kind of Sponge Bob-y. I want both kids and adults to enjoy the story.
In my ignorance to how comics are written (if you have any insight, please correct me) I’ve been writing and instructing others to write it like so:


Panel 1: Show a building with the company name “Bad Gene’s Beans” centered on the building, above the entrance. In the background is the St. Louis Arch. It’s a sunny day.

Panel 2: Enter Bad Gene (A man resembling Zach wearing a t-shirt that says “Magical Fruit”): Bad Gene says, “Welcome to the team, Cal! Say, you look familiar. Where’d you go to college?”

Illustrate Cal

Again, my ignorance on the subject of Illustration, this is all the information I have. (If you can write up a formal way to say this, please let me know)

I can provide vector assets of all the pieces of the comic.

contact me here.